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Welcome to
Wine Unplugged!

Welcome to
Wine Unplugged!

Our mission

We exist to make buying wine fun and effective so that wine is enjoyed much more.

Our vision

Good wine is wine that you like. How do you know if you like something? By tasting it! Because you can first taste every wine from our webshop, you only drink good wine at home.

Our wine bar friends

We work together with wine bars with a ‘By the Glass’ dispense system. In these wine bars you can often try more than 100 wines per sip. This way you can combine a very nice evening with tasting a lot of wines. You can easily order the wines you like via the app or directly in the webshop for home use. Check the ‘Stores’ page to find a wine bar near you.

Interested in starting a wine bar in your city? Then we are looking for you! Leave a message and we will contact you soon.

Our wine offering

In our webshop you will find wines from all corners of the world and price ranges. Knowing which wine you like is difficult enough. Why would we make it even more difficult by having a huge range per type of wine? Why have to choose from 15 French Pinot Noirs? We have 3 from different price ranges and they are all well made. Each wine is drunk daily at our wine bar friends. If they don’t survive there, they leave immediately. Together with our sommeliers, our community knows best what good wine is. And with a diverse offering that changes regularly, there is always something new to discover.

Our wine profile

(coming soon)

So we only have well-made wine for an attractive price. But the question remains whether it is also good wine for you, because even when it comes to wine: Tastes differ. Now you can always taste our wine, but what if, even without tasting, you always choose wine that suits your taste exactly? And what actually makes you like one wine better than another? That is complex science that requires a lot of knowledge but… We make it as easy as possible for you!

Our team of experts has thoroughly analyzed each wine and created a detailed DNA profile containing all the properties of that wine. Then you take action; you taste it and indicate how much you like that wine. The more often you do this, the better your taste profile will become and therefore also your personal recommendations. Only choose wines that match your taste spot on. Always get to know new wines that you didn’t know (yet) that you like. Our wine profile opens up a whole new wine world for you.

Our app

Do you already have the R&R Unplugged app? In collaboration with our wine bar friends from the very beginning, Rayleigh & Ramsay, we introduce the R&R Unplugged app!
With this app you can tap and pay for wine in all R&R branches, but there is more. The app keeps track of everything you have drunk and with the app you can easily rate all your wines. This way you can build your own wine profile, gain insight into your wine taste and we can tell you which wines suit you and which do not. Ordering wine is also very easy via the app.

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